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Close the loop on colour...from image capture to final print

Our reputation for quality and service makes us the leader in colour management. The behavior of our press machines has been analyzed and integrated to create 'customized colour profiles' for our monitors, giving us the precise control over dot percentage and ink density, which eliminates variations within the same print job.

Vantage AdVantage:

  • Our tools span high-speed scanners, top retouching and profiling software, precision colour-calibrated monitors and cutting-edge proofing systems. Coupled with our proprietary closed-loop colour control system on press, we have a lock on colour matching to your specifications.
  • Our talented team of colour specialists have extensive knowledge in colour theory and science, including both CMYK and RGB workflows.
  • Moreover, as standard bearers for colour excellence in Pakistan, we follow the ICC’s (International Color Consortium’s) profile creation guidelines to develop custom-made profiles for our own system.
  • Tightened standards for colour management as we profile for both paper and press type and fine-tune colour matching throughout the entire process.
  • Taking Black & White Printing to Another Level - Using the latest techniques in image separation, Black & White imagery is broken down into various tones, and is printed using a range of greys, blacks, high resolution screens and sometimes varnishes. The imagery is brought to life with subtle highlights, impacting shadows and D Max to die for, even on uncoated papers.
  • Colour Addition and Supplementation - Brand integrity is ensured by using our on site Ink kitchen and colour manager to create and prepare custom inks and matches.

Vegetable inks do not use any chemicals and pigments that harm the environment.

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