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Mastering Archiving

An asset is only an asset when you can find it on time and in place when wanted. According to a study, creative professionals spend an average of 1 of every 10 hours of their productive time on file management and searches account for a full third of that time.

At Vantage we realize that your digital assets (form of artwork, logos, photos or any other form used for communication) are valuable sources for productivity and company valuation and thus centralize all our content that not only allows saving time and money but also;

  • Ease of share within different departments, organizations, countries and time-zones
  • Ease of storage and search of content
  • Track and route content for its next destination
  • Alter, re-use and re-purposing existing data
  • Convenience of data approval

Vantage Page Layout

Putting your 300-page concept on paper is not for amateurs. You need experts. And that’s where you are. Based on your strategy, our team perfects flow, use of colour, white space and photo cropping, to translate your concept into pages that engage readers, carry your brand and sell it.

Vantage Smart File Preparation

Eliminate huge tasks of collecting components, printing laser proofs and burning final page files to CDs for overnight delivery. We at Vantage, by providing content across platforms with an automated PDF file creation application, allow you to:

  • Generate consistent and reliable PDFs right from your desktop
  • Automatically preflight page files, inspecting and verifying file integrity before sending approved page files directly to Vantage for final print production

Vantage Page Approval

Vantage Web Server allows you to view and approve press-ready files any time from anywhere by logging on to the Internet and employing one of the multiple user-friendly views. It also enables multiple users (regardless of their location) to review files simultaneously, verifying for content, positioning, page order and versioning.

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