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Because only a sharp eye for details hones the competitive advantage

Our photographers excel at capturing your vision, the desired look and feel of any object, in any setting. Our all-digital workflows, supported by the latest image processing technologies and our colour-management expertise, enable us to capture and perfect images with great speed and accuracy, reducing turnaround time and improving cost efficiencies.

Measured Photography

Vantage employs measured photography, which controls elements of the photo process, such as lighting to produce consistent, high quality images. We identify the midtone and define highlights and shadows as they deviate from that midtone. These measurements help us light effectively to maximize shape and detail in the product. To take the perfect photo every time, our photographers utilize Bronolour lighting (strobes) and other equipment as needed.

Benefit: Optimal reproduction on press and reduced colour corrections.

Composite imaging

Location shots can really refresh the look of your publication, catalog or ad campaign. Just imagine your product on the beach or in snow. Sounds good but doesn’t fit your budget? Think again.

Our photographers capture the unique background and light mapping as it’s shot. This creates a digital “map” of the photo’s precise characteristics, including light direction, elevation, quality ambience and perspective. When we photograph your model or product separately in a controlled environment, such as our studio, we apply the same light mapping techniques. Then we merge the two images perfectly that looks as if shot on the location…without the time and cost of everyone traveling around the locations.

The overall volume of Direct Mail has increased by 87% in the last 10 years.

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