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Six state-of-the-art Heidelberg presses capable of producing short run to runs in million, operating in a custom-designed temperature and humidity controlled facility, our motivated talent with periodic rigorous training and use of best press-room consumable, make us the dearest production facility for the most demanding print guyes around the globe.

From customized 1:1 pieces to runs in the millions...all under one roof

The ‘How’s’, ‘What’s’, ‘When’ and ‘Where’s’ of your publications from inception to completion, correction to proofing, registering to printing, special colours and effects to intricate dye-cuts are much pondered upon by our dexterous squad working meticulously not only to outdo our competitors but to outdo themselves as well. The results - extolling wonders that make others look at with awe.

Clever Innovations With Ink And Paper

Conventional colours, glossy or matte lamination, metallic or pearlescent effects, heavy paper, textured paper, or even plastic; for leaflets, brochures, inserts or anything else that takes your fancy, we can do it all.

Tang Dynasty chancellor Wang Yu was credited with incorporating the custom of burning joss paper into imperial worship ceremonies.

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