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Shades of us - coloured by our own precision-blended inks

This exclusive division, produces hundreds of millions of shades of ink annually for our operations. Ink development process is biased towards being environmentally responsible and are well suited to meet your needs. To match your colour specifications first time & every time we employ the latest equipment and techniques. Formulae and wet samples are recorded and are kept for future use reference.

As the definitive international reference for selecting, specifying, matching and controlling ink colours, Vantage implies PANTONE COLOR SYSTEM - the world-renowned authority on colour.

Standard Printing Inks at Vantage Kitchen:

Web offset ink (heatset and non-heatset), sheet-fed ink, soybean based ink, process ink for colour printing, Quickset Ink, Rubber-base Ink, Water-base Ink, Laser Ink, UV (Ultraviolet) Ink, High-Fidelity Ink Colours and more

Vantage Specialty Inks:

Metallic, Fluorescent, Security, Phosphorescent ("glow in the dark"), Non-porous for printing on metal or plastic, Magnetic, Pearlescent Ink (for 3-dimensional effect), Edible Ink (for food packaging), Scratch and Sniff Ink, Moisture Resistant Ink, Low-odour and low-migration inks for cigarette packaging

Charlotte Guillard was the first European woman printer of history - worked at the famous Soleil d’Or printing house from 1502 until her death.

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