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Today’s competitive environment with unrelenting financial pressures, demands no compromises which is why we don't! With a diligent focus on business goals, deadlines, and budget requirements, we craft the smartest solutions to help different markets attain all:

  • 99% accurate colours – in harmony with your brand line all around the globe
  • 'Customized colour profiles' give us precise control over printing the same job on different materials and have the same results
  • Spectrophotometer analysis of colour applied on any material like fabric, plastic or paper gives us the exact LAB values to reproduce your products in exact manner during halftone reproductions
  • Forget manual processes as our automated swatch matching application gives you the exact RGB ratios while making comparisons
  • Automated job tracking system, professionally kept digital and physical data along with printed samples ensures smooth repeat runs
  • Calibrated digital workflow allows us to submit remote proofs on your desktop anywhere in the world that present exact colours of your job
  • Being direct importer and stockist of a variety of paper and board, Vantage offers consistent supply line for your packaging needs

Books used to be chained to the bookshelves in libraries.

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