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Multiple customized solutions — never a one-size-fits-all approach

A research based & targeted 1-to-1 print & marketing has the potential to improve sales receipts. Vantage is a true research-through-delivery provider. So, gain competitive advantage and an improved return on your investment through simpler and targeted approach by Vantage.

How we do it

  • Before we even begin to spend your money, our creative team conducts exhaustive research to understand your market needs.
  • Our team of experts consults with you to analyze your marketing playing field.
  • We review the latest direct marketing trends and technologies, the major industry players and relevant customer research.
  • Based on your company's needs and our relevant research, we tailor solutions to custom fit your business objectives
  • We also review the challenges you face in achieving your goals and evaluate how data, design, production and distribution can help you conquer those challenges.


Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG has been the world’s biggest printing machinery manufacturer for almost 100 years. It produces internationally at 14 locations and employs 18,700 people.

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