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The design Process

A well-structured outline of your requisites gives us a head start and helps us to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations.

Research – time to know & explore
Our designers conduct a research of your competitors and customers to gain an understanding of the marketplace. This leads on to cross comparisons, leaps of logic and also in inspirational and unexpected pieces of information.

Create – the wow factor
This step starts with the visual interpretation of the brief. Only ideas that have the best potential make it to our canvas. You want 'wow', it's our job to create it for you.

Photo – shoot or choose from over two million copyright free images
Now we get into the real business. We select the images that best reflect your business. If our treasure chest of millions of images doesn't say what you want to say, we carry out special photography sessions to complete the script written for you.

Develop – the finishing touches
At this stage we check all imagery and fonts to make sure that the finished piece not only looks great but also is appropriate in the market for which it is intended. We carefully consider what specialist finishes are important and to which extent. And then add those to make designer piece of print.

Validate – testing in depth
In order to finalize the process, the selected concepts get tested in depth. If required even test runs will be passed on to production in order to base our judgment on real life data. Our process ends successfully once we see one of our new designs in production.

Proof – check that out
Our technological edge as a printer allows you to see the finished product before it even hits the presses. It allows you to dig deep, analyze it, discuss it with colleagues, approve it and sign it off for printing.

Realize – making it happen
Here, we ensure that your design is produced to the highest mechanical standards with no room for cutting, colour, or any other technical errors. This is where we deliver glowing and tangible results.

Deliver – on time and on budget
At the finishing lines we manage your project by taking it from just an idea to delivery and fulfillment, and keep it to your aims and budget every step of the way.

The total book output of German book publishers comes to 963 million books worth € 4.318 billion.

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