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Print, Pack and Dispatch. Taking worries off your desk!

Be it a delivery of a few corporate profiles to your peers, country-wide registered mail of your annual reports to your shareholders or the distribution of your mail order catalogue to a million subscribers around the globe, our vast experience gives you the most authentic and competitive solutions worldwide. you won't get an order from a piece that's not delivered, that’s why we excel in mailing solutions. Whether you have a short run of 25 mail pieces or a long run of 1,000,000 mail pieces,

Just supply us with your target database and we will take it on from there.

Vantage Mailing & Distribution Services

  • Packaging
  • Organizing postal schedules
  • Refining address list for maximum impact
  • Addressing and personalization
  • Enclosing and sorting
  • Stuffing and sealing
  • Dispatch & Delivery Reports

In the USA, the papermaking industry is amongst the highest polluters, the major outputs being biochemical oxygen demand and total suspended solids, with significant outputs of CO and volatile organic compounds.

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